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Never stop fighting, there is always a chance to win.  The harder you try, the bigger the chance. 
When they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said I wanted to be batman.
Addicted to the game. Enough said. 

Positivity, Objectivity and Hate.

It’s an inherent part of human nature to lean towards the negatives and dismiss the all too possible positives.  Sometimes you get stuck on thinking with a negative filter, you think about all the bad things that are going on in your life and things that have happened.  Thinking like this will only lead to loss of hope and feelings of despair.  Not only does it hurt your mental health and emotions, it traps you in a realm of hopelessness and into the dark hole we sometimes call depression.  We forget that for as many negatives as there are, there are just as much positives if not more.  The fact that we were given life, an opportunity to be a higher being, is the paradigm of positivity that should overshadow all the disease and problems with humanity in the world.  

As humans, we forget about things and take things for granted simply because we don’t step back to view things from an unbiased perspective.  Although one can never be truly objective, it helps to remind yourself to do so.  As egocentric creatures, it benefits us to always look out for ourselves, however, we must remember how things are outside of our own little neurosis.  Life is such a beautiful thing and things may go wrong, but that doesn’t discredit the fact that it is a miraculously beautiful thing.  

Take a moment and just think about all the good traits/memories of a person you strongly dislike.  Feelings of hatred not only is a waste of energy, but it destroys the most human thing about you, compassion.  It’s a disease that eats away at our very own humanity.  Following this premise, don’t you think forgiving and moving on from something benefits your own mental well being in the end? Think about it. 

Falling into the deep end. But what matters is, can you swim?

Falling into the deep end. But what matters is, can you swim?

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Every other woman’s idol. She has what men want and the women want to be her. Blessed, but trying to be her will only end in failure for most.